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T'áncháy loves to explore and write across different forms and genres including poetry; anthology; kids & family, adult and young adult drama, comedy, fantasy, and animation. As a screenwriter, they have written and story edited for a number of mainstream shows and have worked in development with the likes of CBC, Shaftesbury and Lulo Films.


Season 1, Apple TV+ (Emmy Nominated)

In this 10-episode mission-driven series for kids and families, Jane Garcia is a nine-year-old budding environmentalist on a quest to save endangered animals. Using her powerful imagination Jane takes her best friends, David and Greybeard the chimpanzee, on epic adventures to help protect wild animals all around the world because, according to her idol Dr. Jane Goodall: “Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, can they be saved.”

Fluffy and the Stars

Picture book, Orca Book Publishers

In this heartfelt picture book imagining what happens when a beloved pet dies,
a nonbinary child copes with grief and the loss of their best friend.

Sullivan's Crossing


Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Season 2, PBS Kids

“Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum” is an adventure-comedy series for children ages 5 to 8 that follows the adventures of three friends as they tackle everyday problems by doing something extraordinary: traveling back in time to learn from real-life inspirational figures when they were kids! 

Season 1, CTV/The CW

In this 10-episode romantic and family drama, “Sullivan’s Crossing” follows neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan as her life in Boston collapses around her, placing a fork in the road where her personal and professional paths once moved effortlessly forward. Forced to head in the opposite direction, she finds her way back to the rural town she once called home, where her estranged father runs the local outpost.



Re-membering, Re-claiming and Re-connecting in Ndè Sı̀ı̀ Wet’aɂà: Northern Indigenous Voices on Land, Life & Art. Arp Books, 2022.

How are you? But actually. Basenotes Magazine, 2021.

Settler Apologies in Research & Reconciliation: Unsettling Ways of Knowing through Indigenous Relationships, Canadian Scholars, 2019.

Collection of poems in Life As Ceremony:
Sex/Sexuality, Volume 5.
March, 2018.

Indigenous Beauty & Resistance Across Lands and Oceans. The Peak Magazine: "Land," 57(1), May 2018.

Two Halves of One Whole. Red Rising Magazine: "TwoSpirit," 7, September 2017.

deColonial Bodies. Red Rising Magazine: "Revolt," 6, July 2017.

Decolonizing Indigenous Youth Suicide. The Peak Magazine: "Medicine," 56(3), March 2017.

Indigenous Youth Suicide Through An lntersectional Social Justice Lens. The Peak Magazine: "Media & Pop
Culture," 56(2),
December 2016.


Hegemonic Heteronormativity: LGBTIQ Individuals Seeking Asylum and Refugee Status in the West. University of Guelph's Undergraduate Journal of Gender
and Feminist Studies, 9, 72-87,


Kegedonce Press

“Fireweed" is a collection of poetry that explores the rawness, trauma, and realities of adolescence compounded with the experience of being a young, Indigenous, and two-spirit intergenerational residential school survivor. Rooted in the symbolism and growth of fireweed, a flower native to the northwest of Canada, this collection takes readers through the hurt, healing, love, and spreading that encompassed the first 23 years of the author's attempt to find truth, safety and connection. Grounded in the simplicity of words and the illustration of the north, this book is a powerful window into the process of finding oneself while reclaiming culture and identity.

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