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Community Engagement & Advocacy

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Co-Founder and Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

We Matter is an Indigenous youth-led and nationally registered organization dedicated to Indigenous youth support, hope and life promotion. Our work started with the We Matter Campaign – a national multi-media campaign in which Indigenous role models, youth, and community members from across Canada submit short videos, written and artistic messages sharing their own experiences of overcoming hardships, and communicating with Indigenous youth that no matter how hopeless life can feel, there is always a way forward.

Our mission is to communicate to Indigenous youth that they matter, and create spaces of support for those going through a hard time while fostering unity and resiliency. We provide a forum for people across the country to share messages of hope and positivity. By sharing our stories, our words of encouragement, and our authentic messages of hope and resilience, we help to make a community and nation stronger.

Grounded in a commitment to social justice, decolonization and reconciliation, BIPOC TV & FILM is a community-centric non-profit movement advocating for racial equity and decent work practices in Canada's screen media industry. Our mission is to transform the Canadian screen industry by identifying and uprooting barriers to funding, training, and employment opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour creatives—at all levels, in front of and behind the camera, on our sets and in all decision-making roles.


Member, Board of Directors/Visioning Committee

and  Growth, Impact & Evolution Committee


Previous Member, Indigenous Advisory Committee

Indigenous Youth & Community Futures Fund (IYCFF)

Laidlaw Foundation supports young people impacted by the justice, education, and child welfare systems to become healthy and engaged by investing in innovative ideas, convening interested parties, advocating for systems change, and sharing learning across the sector.

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